What Do Terrapins Eat?


Specially manufactured terrapin food is available from aquatic and pet suppliers. Most types of terrapin food are in pellet form and provide a balanced diet containing all the necessary nutrients, vitamins and the right amount of calcium to keep a terrapin shell in good condition.

Terrapins are omnivorous creatures and their natural diet consists largely of worms, fish and insects. Bloodworms and other insects can easily be reared as terrapin food. As a special treat you can feed a terrapin some oily fish, such as mackerel, sardine, salmon or tuna. The fish should always be raw and very finely chopped.

Can Terrapins Eat Fruit and Vegetables?

To add variety to their diet, terrapins enjoy eating fruit and vegetables, such as apple, lettuce and watercress. Cooked items are unsuitable for terrapins but occasionally they can be fed raw meat or uncooked prawns. It is very important, however, that these are chopped into very small pieces that will easily be swallowed by a small terrapin.

Terrapin food supplements will help to maintain a health shell. A vitamin or calcium powder should be sprinkled directly onto terrapin food. These supplements are available from pet and aquatic suppliers, or you can add some extra calcium to their diet with some finely ground eggshell or cuttlefish.