What Should I Look Out for When I Buy a Terrapin Tank?


Terrapin tanks are designed for housing pets which require plenty of space to move around in, so the required size for a tank will depend on the number of terrapins that are going to be kept together, their ages and how big they will grow.

How Big Should a Terrapin Tank Be?

The smallest terrapin tanks can only house one or two youngsters and it is important to be aware that while baby terrapins are tiny, they can grow up to 25cm in length as an adult. A 90cm tank would be the smallest recommended size, but 120cm or bigger would be a better choice for long term terrapin care.

The best terrapin tanks will be large enough to house one or two fully grown adults. Medium sized terrapin tanks contain around 200 litres of water, but a larger size is more suitable if two or more terrapins are to swim around without bumping into each other.