What Do I Need for a Terrapin Tank?


An elevated area where a terrapin can bask and dry itself can either be a separate platform, accessible by a slope, or a variety of basking areas can be constructed with flat stones or pieces of rock placed in the water, with flat surfaces raised above the waterline. These must be also be easily climbable by a terrapin.

If a tank is going to be positioned where there is no direct sunlight, some UV lighting should be provided. The light should be placed no lower than 30cm above your pets and it will need replacing about once every six months.

What Kind of Lighting Should I Use for a Terrapin Tank?

Fluorescent lighting, of the type which is designed for use in reptile tanks, is also suitable for terrapin tanks, but this should always be switched off at night time.

A water heater is essential, because a consistently warm temperature is required for terrapin tanks, and it should be maintained at around 24°C to 27°C.

An additional heater might be necessary to keep the inside of a tank warm in the winter months. If there is a slight variation in temperature in different parts of a tank, a terrapin can choose where it feels most comfortable when it wants to bask.

A good water filter is also required to keep the water clean, because bacteria will build up quickly in unfiltered water.